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Updated on Feb 09, 2014
black leather Secosana bag - light blue mint green Penshoppe sweater
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This is my opinion about love. An opinion based on experience. It could change, for I am still young, but I doubt it would change much. Prepare to hear the word "love" a lot in this entry. Brace yourselves.

Love is not sought.
Love comes at the right time and at the right place.

You cannot force it to come. If you do, you'll end up hurting yourself and uttering cliche's like "It's not you. It's me." or "It's just not working out anymore. I've fallen out of love."
People do not fall out of love. Love lingers. When it is real, it stays no matter how hard you try to not feel it. Letting go often does not mean losing love. Letting go requires a love much stronger; one brave enough to admit that the other person will be better off with you in his life as someone other than a significant other.

I have fallen in love only twice (not including puppy love when I was in kindergarten and grade school). The first time I felt in love was back in high school. It was with a friend I had since the 6th grade. I was in love with the way he made me feel giddy. I was in love with the simplicity of the moments we shared, but I questioned myself if I was in love with "him". Because of that, I lost him. When I lost him, I realized I do love him, but it is better we love each other as friends. He quickly liked someone else. I had to pretend I was ok as I saw him being happier. Inside me I knew he did not belong to me.

The second time I fell in love was when I was studying in the university. He was of different nationality. We met in an unorthodox way. I did not think I would fall for someone I didn't meet in a way normal lovers do, but I did. This man I love greatly and unconditionally. The kind of love people would climb the highest mountains and swim the vastest oceans for.

We were together for two years. Together, but had miles and miles of land and sea between us. Continents apart. Distance did not break us, but eventually the relationship fell apart. We broke up, but did not lose each other. I gained another meaningful person in my life.

Most believe that we were never meant to be friends, nor be in contact with our past significant others, but I do not think that is true. If you really love the person and care for the person, why erase that someone completely? Just because you're not in a romantic relationship anymore, it does not mean you can't continue loving and caring.

The greatest kind of love is the one that is unconditional and does not dwell on bitterness and anger after having to let go. It converts from romantic love to a love for a friend who helped you grow as a better and stronger person.

These people are important in our life. They are the ones who molded us into a person who's finally worthy to be loved by someone you would be with for the rest of your life.

If you are single now, don't fret. You're just not ready yet.

Love will come. It comes in different forms. So, always have your eyes and heart open, because you will never know when and where it will come. Do not miss it. Your right time and right place just might be today at the bus station, or tomorrow at a coffee shop.

While it has not come yet, learn to love in different ways. Learn to love yourself more. Give love to those in need; say a simple volunteer work for charity. Receive more love from the people you've helped. Learn to appreciate more the love of your family and friends.

Love is not sought. It is given without asking for anything in return. It is appreciated. It is received when you least expect it.

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stellarqueen on February 11
nice look!
RockJazzy9 on February 10 via iPhone mobile device icon
I love the hat and shorts. Very cute and casual look!
jeremyuk77 on February 09
cute look! nice mint!
amorphous_face on February 09
RosuIoana on February 09
pemberuj on February 09
Charming <3
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