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Updated on Jul 25, 2014
cotton black H&M top - andee black Miista heels
Andee-black-miista-heels-cotton-black-h-m-top Andee-black-miista-heels-cotton-black-h-m-top Andee-black-miista-heels-cotton-black-h-m-top
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JessTheGrrl 's Thoughts:

This outfit was taken a few days ago and it's been awhile since I last wore heels. To give it a natural grunge look, I paired my heels with a cosmic pants and a cut-out tank with a bralette beneath. Nothing is complete without any accessories of cos! I added on a body chain with an angular necklace on top of it and a studded bracelet of all gold in colour.

Why I had my title as 'Help I'm Alive'?
Recently I've been reading a lot of tragic news such as the cases of MAS flights MH370 and MH17, then yesterday's, TransAsia Airways GE222 and Air Algerie AH5017 as well as road accidents, natural disasters and life threatening illnesses. My thoughts and heart goes out to the families who have lost their loved ones. This only proved that life is really short and it be taken from you anytime. Therefore having said that, I lived by the quote,"YOLO - You Only Lived Once" and treasure each and everyday while I still can cos you might not know what's gonna happen tomorrow.

Apart from the disasters, there are people whom are lost in their lives and had gone to a dark point which can lead to thoughts of suicide. They felt beaten down by their surroundings, miserable, full of negativity and refused to move on. I feel sad for them. To be honest, I have to admit that I once felt that way before. As alive as we can be, we are stuck; lost. I come to realise that life is so much more than these negative thoughts and overcome from my misery to treasure my life more than ever. I do not want to die in vain, or simply live with regrets. I have dreams and goals in life! So why not divert those negative thoughts and move towards a goal that you can set in life?

My point is, I'm sure unfortunate victim of the disasters have goals and dreams which now remain unaccomplished. Since you are alive and kicking, why not stop pondering on negative thoughts and instead showered yourself with lot of positivity? Of cos you can say 'it is easier said than done'. Take your time to recover from being pessimistic, but I hope that you can treasure your life so that it will not be too late for you to realise that you could have done so much more with your time instead of pondering over the same old thing.
Be glad that you're alive and do seek for help if you need as life is precious!
So here's my YOLO for you!

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anonymours on July 25
JessTheGrrl on July 26
Thank you!
genni on July 25
luv the association <3
JessTheGrrl on July 26
Thanks dear <3
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