Relationships, we all are in one in some way or another. Bfs, gfs, sisters, brothers, friends, parents….they are all relationships. Downside to that? The Outsiders input abput those relationships.

I’ve know my current gf since the beginning of 2005. Classic story, pretty city girl meets country (tom)boy. They fall in love and everyone thinks “she must be a golddigger”. We’ve had our issues just like any other relationship. What I hate is that so many outsiders think they know us. Ok, I can admit, at one time I had a lot of “friends” in my life who are now considered those outsiders.

Truth be told, my gf has always spoiled me. We spoiled each other but because of the classic storyline of how we met, all others see is one side to the story. We have been through everything together. Starved together, been jobless together, down and out. There has also been times when she worked and I didnt AND vice versa. We’ve both had to support each other in areas where the other may have been lacking at the time. Let me make my point:

Just because a person let you in their life for a while and you could only comprehend what their life was at that time, doesnt mean you know it in its entirety. Doesnt mean you can comprehend it now. Youre still an outsider (whose never left the nest and doesnt know what its like to be on their own…anyway). While youre putting in all the effort to assume you know whats what, youre safer just asking. This applies to life in general, not just this specific situation. Its better to fully understand than to assume and….well, you know what they say about those that ASSume :~)

posted over 7 years ago
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