I’m 26 and going back to school next week. After high school, I went away to college out of state. Ended up back at home and went to school here. Life and it’s sense of humor in the form of lessons happened so I didnt finish. I havent been in a classroom in a while but I’m excited. I used to think “I’m too old for this” “its too late. May as well settle”.

As I reflect on that, I can’t help but wonder what I was thinking. If that’s considered thinking at all. It’s almost like I was sitting around, waiting for the joke to be over but then I realized that I have control over my own destiny. If I fail, I’m responsible. If I succeed, I’m responsible. Either way, my actions are a direct reflection of who I am. Sure, Life [capitalized on purpose], has its own path. It’s called chance but when you realize that chance isnt the only thing that molds our paths, life develops a whole new meaning. We are more powerful than we think we are. Some people rely on god/gods to direct paths and determine their “purpose”, others just go with the flow, and then some rely on themselves.

Mendelssohn said:
“Ever since I began to compose, I have remained true to my starting principle: not to write a page because no matter what public, or what pretty girl wanted it to be thus or thus; but to write solely as I myself thought best, and as it gave me pleasure”

Now, apply that quote to your life…your destiny. Be the composer. I know I am :~)

posted over 7 years ago
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